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Better than Adventure! 7.1 is now available!

At long last, we have reached stability. Better than Adventure! 7.1 is finally out, and is ready to be played and enjoyed by everyone.

This update brings some new features, such as new blocks, game rules, and resources, as well as a whole host of reworks and technical improvements to polish the game even further. As always, please let us know what you think.


A full changelog is available on our downloads page, but here’s a quick summary:

Added togglable game rules

  • keepInventory
  • allowSprinting
  • allowSleeping
  • doNightmares
  • doSeasonalGrowth
  • treecapitator
  • dwarfMode
  • mobGriefing
  • dayLightCycle

New blocks & items:

  • Paper walls and paper wall blocks
  • Sugar cane blocks (raw and dried variants)
  • Cacao leaves and Cacao saplings
  • Pumpkins are now farmable
  • Sittable seats

Updated blocks & items

  • Pumpkins are now farmable and will grow from a seed when planted on farmland
  • Cocoa beans are now farmable via the new Cacao tree that spawns rarely in Rainforests.
  • Jars can now be placed
  • Flowers can be placed in jars
  • Simplified the map recipe (9 paper instead of 8 paper and a compass in the middle)
  • Added a flower overlay to flowering cherry leaves
  • All block and item textures can now be animated via texture packs
  • Boat controls have been revamped
  • Lamps, painted planks, and painted chests now use individual textures
  • Recipes are now JSON-based (this adds support for recipe packs)
  • Items now pass through spawners
  • Soul sand and clay blocks are now trommel-able
  • Added line tool to flag editor GUI


  • Vastly reworked biome distribution
    • Biomes generate much more fairly, and are smaller on the whole (though still possible to spawn quite large)
    • Snow biomes are much more frequent
    • Biome generation for ex.default and default are now the same. (large biomes coming soon)
  • Added an Indev level generator
  • Wolves now spawn more frequently
  • Added chunk sections
  • Newly loaded chunks in winter now spawn fully snow-covered
    • In other seasons, the snow clears instantly
  • Added buttons on world creation to generate a randomised world name and seed

Gui and menu changes

  • The options menu has been redesigned
    • options are split into tabs
    • now displays a more readable list of options
    • Added an option search tab
  • Added an FPS limiter
  • Server menu now shows server status (ping, up/down)
  • HUD components can now be freely rearranged by the player
  • Middle-clicking now sorts your inventory/chests
  • Added an in-chat emote picker
  • Added option to hide IP per-server in server menu
  • The guidebook has been completely revamped


Our recommended download method is using the BTA Updater, a utility instance for MultiMC and Prism Launcher which, when run, will automatically install Better than Adventure! for you in an instance called “Better than Adventure! (Managed)”.

You can find the link for this utility here, as well as a more traditional MultiMC instance and client and server JAR links.


For those of you who already have the BTA Updater installed, you can simply run it and it will update your “Better than Adventure! (Managed)” instance to the latest version automatically, preserving all your worlds and settings as-is.

If you need any assistance in installing or have a bug to report, then please visit our Discord.

Enjoy! :)

-Mak and Jonk