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Better than Adventure! 7.1_01 is now available!

We took a quick break from working on the nightlies to release a patch for 7.1. This patch should fix some minor issues with the latest release, namely; guidebook discovery now works in multiplayer again!


A full changelog is available on our downloads page, but here’s a quick summary:

  • Added link on main menu to website
  • Enabled chat in SP without cheats
  • Fixed broken guidebook discovery in singleplayer
  • Fixed bugs with VSync option
  • Chunk#setBlockIDRaw no longer sets the block meta to the block ID
  • Fixed minecart interpolation in singleplayer


Our recommended download method is using the BTA Updater, a utility instance for MultiMC and Prism Launcher which, when run, will automatically install Better than Adventure! for you in an instance called “Better than Adventure! (Managed)”.

You can find the link for this utility here, as well as a more traditional MultiMC instance and client and server JAR links.


For those of you who already have the BTA Updater installed, you can simply run it and it will update your “Better than Adventure! (Managed)” instance to the latest version automatically, preserving all your worlds and settings as-is.

If you need any assistance in installing or have a bug to report, then please visit our Discord.

Enjoy! :)